Local Government Entities & Quasi-Public Organizations

Provides resources and documentation for individuals involved with local government entities and quasi-Public organizations across the state including:

  • Recommendations for governments to improve their controls that safeguard, manage, and account for assets and ensure compliance with applicable state laws;
  • Training (Center for Local Government Excellence) to local government in implementing sound fiscal practices;
  • Best practices guides and financial reporting forms for local governments;
  • Accounting and auditing technical assistance to local governmental agencies and to independent certified public accountants that conduct government audits;
  • Legal guidance on state laws to governmental agencies and to independent certified public accountants;
  • The state audit law;
  • The Louisiana State Bond Commission and Louisiana State Fiscal Review Committee;
  • The annual Boards and Commissions report;
  • LLA contracting with independent CPAs for audit and review/attest engagements for state agencies;
  • Ad valorem tax issues to assessors, tax recipient bodies, CPAs, and the general public including ad valorem taxes levied by all parishes and municipalities; and ad valorem taxes at reassessment and tax elections for all parishes and municipalities;
  • LLA training to tax recipient bodies in the adoption of ad valorem taxes